Logo Forms

Color Scheme

As the logo plays an important role to deliver the corporate image used in various media such as publications, signs and promotional materials, it must be produced in accordance with defined colors for unity.
R217 + G30 + B38R34 + G34 + B34
C7 + M100 + Y100 + K2C71 + M65 + Y64 + K72

Prohibition Rules-Graphics

As the shape and combination of the logo is an importnat element to deliver the corporate image, if they are modified, the unique can be demaged so it must be used in accordance with the rule. The logos expressed here are incorrectly used, please do not use the logo like these or similar to these. If you have any questions on use of graphics, please contact the relevant department.

Prohibition Rules-Color

As the colors of the logo are important elements to deliver the corporate image,and thus attention should be paid for use.
If the colors are arbitrarily changed, the unique image of the corporation may be damaged so it must be used in accordance with the color rule.
The colors of the logo herein are not allowed to be changed. If you have any question for use of the colors, please contact the relevant department.