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Comms applications are essential modern business tools. People in the workforce today rely on good communications software to expand and grow their commercial activities. Their success, more than ever before, depends on superior software in terms of utility, flexibility, features, and functions.

Ikorn Solutions’ Dubu Suite is an enhanced comms package designed to complement the software environment of any business. Whether used as an office tool or rolled out to subscribers of an online hosting service, Dubu applications extend and multiply the capacities of any network.

Dubu Mail – Manipulate documents, images, audio-video content, and even flash files right from within your webmail client, and pass on the results in real time.
Dubu Messenger – with webmail and cloudware applications, Dubu Messenger surpasses classic, advertising-based IM clients.
Dubu Disk – the generous capacities of Dubu Disk allow you to move and store files of virtually unlimited number and size.
Dubu Editor – create, alter, and reshape files stored on the cloud. An instinctive choice for use in creative website tools.
Dubu Log – information at a glance, and a wealth of detail up close – a one-stop information solution about your website’s function.
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Ikorn is a rising force in online business solutions for modern firms with an international outlook. Leading internet trends, we provide comprehensive integrated systems and personalized software interfaces for businesses seeking tailor-made, unified internet communications platforms. Ikorn Solutions is a one-stop-shop for coordinating all aspects of your online presence

Our in-house development team is the core of our operations. It not only maintains and constantly improves our products – always passed on immediately to our clients without the need to pay for an upgrade – but also takes on outsourced projects for firms who need something beyond our existing product range.


Whether you’re a distributor looking for new software to provide to your clients, or whether you're seeking to add value to your existing software product, there are many reasons why you should consider becoming an OEM Licensor of our Dubu applications. Resellers, ISPs, hosting companies and hardware providers requiring their own integrated systems can all benefit from the Dubu model, saving you the time and money spent in developing your own communications suite from scratch.

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