Software Testing


Our testing services are offered individually or can be customized
to solve your business challenges or address particular issues.

Independent Testing

Our software testing services are designed to help clients improve software quality, reduce risk and delivery cost based on a range of the customer’s needs. If you require any particular area of software testing, we run independent testing, either manually or automatically aligned with industry best practice.

Testing Consultancy

To provide thorough consultation for consistent QA/QC procedures or methodologies in terms of efficient quality management categories, we proudly support you to detect and solve the existing bottlenecks in test engineering, automation process, agile testing, etc.


Manual Testing

To achieve extensive test coverage for your software, we offer manual testing for comprehensive functional testing, usability testing and our in-depth experience in various domains.

Automated Testing

With over 10 years of expertise in software development, we implement state-of-the-art testing tools and methodologies to automate testing procedures and enhance efficiency.


We offer a comprehensive range of software testing services depending on:
Your testing objectives:
  • Functional testing (Products should be aligned with your business logical and specific requirements)
  • Performance testing (Ensuring the product stability based on stress, load, scalability and reliability)
  • Usability testing (Detecting issues and bottlenecks for product interaction by auditing usability and compiling test report)
  • Compatibility testing (Ensuring UX product deliverables positively across different platforms, browsers as well as operating systems)
  • Security testing (Reviewing source code, detecting security issues and tracking compliance testing if needed)
Or other types of testing such as UI Testing, Configuration Testing, Cross-Platform Testing, Localization and Internationalization Testing, Data Migration Testing
Testing your software based on:
  • Website Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Desktop Application
  • Custom Application

Customized Solution

With comprehensive experiences across multiple industries and strong IT competencies, we tailor perfect software testing solutions in accordance with your organization’s specific business and technological situation.

Outsourced Solutions

Over the years operating in the software industry, we have developed outsourced services that are secure and confidential for our clients and allow them to monitor the procedure with expected results.


Underpinned by our comprehensive experience and best practices for software technology, we approach every corner of the whole process with early testing, seasoned predictability, flexible communication, and thorough reporting.
The following diagram illustrates the agile flow of software testing activities to decrease risks, reduce launching time, and flexibly deal with required changes.
Step 1
Demand receiving and Project Proposal
Step 2
Project Requirements Analysis
Step 3
Detailed Definition for Key Project Categories
Step 4
Test Scenarios Design
Step 5
Test Implementation (Manual + Automation Test Execution)
Step 6
Pre-Production Release Testing
Step 7
Test Result Analysis and Maintenance


We select and integrate our solutions into your system to empower your projects in exceeding expectation.


Dedicated Approaches and Strong Competencies

  • We have highly skilled professionals with solid knowledge and capturing the latest industry intelligence, with roughly 7+ years of experience in software testing.
  • We proudly engage with and manage the entire product development life cycle from planning to implementation and support to maintenance.
  • Combining our passion for technology to a deep understanding of clients’ needs and challenges.

Enhanced Productivity and Ongoing Involvement

  • We are ready to provide reliable long-term product enhancement if desired.
  • With a proven development track record, project management, and quality processes, we allow you to access working progress followed by dedicated developers involving on the project.
  • The comprehensive solutions include feature extensions, operational level support, performance enhancements, and maintenance functions.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We ensure a faster speed to launch your products into the market.
  • We are always ready to attend to our clients’ enquiries during and after completing the project to stand for repeated business.
  • We also have a clear indication of our commitment to impeccable after-sales support and customer satisfaction.

Success-Based Time and Cost Model

  • With our in-depth experiences, we commit to maximum returns to your expectation.
  • We adopt the outcome-based pricing model rather than a fixed-price contract to ensure the budget transparency and efficiency.
  • We take the delivery risk and embark through the journey to create outstanding user experiences with long-term partnering strategies.

Extra Technology Services

Software Development

With our strong technical skills in providing bespoke web/mobile/desktop applications software to specifications required in various fields.

Embedded Software Testing

Providing the best resources to assist clients develop their technology efficiently with the highest quality bug-free codes.