Quark is B2B marketplace for marketing affiliate partners with #Value Links. It is dedicated to connecting the world’s supply chains and accelerating the adoption of sustainable #Value Links practices.
With a free account and support for multiple languages, it’s extremely easy to use. Just a few simple mouse clicks, and administrator can monitor displayed item views, popularity, and visitor counts.

For more details, please visit www.quarkb2b.com

Services Offered:

For buyers

  • Match buyers with suppliers who serve buyers’ business needs exactly on the Quark network, from raw materials to retailers.
  • Connect to suppliers and trace a selected product supply chain back to its origins.
  • Buyers can monitor the entire supply chain and make decisions with more clarity than ever before.

For suppliers

  • Upload suppliers’ own product/service details.
  • Creating hash tags can show the products’ impact compared to industry baselines.
  • Suppliers can build even stronger relationships with their customers.
  • Sales reps and customers can rapidly place orders on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Development Languages: PHP/ HTML/ CSS/ JS


  • Platform: Web
  • Framework: Yii
  • Database: MySQL
  • Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS
Engineer Engagement: 11 personnel
Project Duration: 12 months
User Quantity: 5,301
Product Quantity: 196,640
Partner Quantity: 3,135