Dubu Apps Suite


Always at the forefront of internet trends, we have built multiple applications and communications systems that are widely-used in our target industries. Many of our systems are designed on a modular basic with independent applications that seamlessly dovetail into stable, fully-intergrated packages
Are you looking for any technological solution that handles multi-purpose requirements, extends its capabilities and increases greater opportunities to collaborate beyond normal restraints? DubuApps Suite is your ideal cutting-edge service to fulfill the needs of modern enterprises and institutions by integrating all the best features of standard cloudware applications in one suite.
  • Superior software architecture in terms of utility, flexibility features and functions.
  • Designed for professionals with a clear, businesslike aesthetic but defined in your network style.
  • Access your communication channels—even remotely—then tweak your system with secured, advanced and feature-rich administration platform.
Development Languages:Java, C++, HTML/CSS/JS
  • Platform: Web, Window and Mobile
  • Framework: Spring MVC, Struts
  • Database: MySQL, NoSQL (Mongo, Mnesia)
Engineer Engagement:16 personnel
Project Duration:36 months
Market Lead:
  • App Service Standards and Extensible
  • Friendly Interface, Fast & Lightweight
  • Always-on Security
  • Leading The Way and Safe/ Easy Resources Sharing


With webmail and cloudware applications, Dubu Messenger surpasses classic, advertising-based IM clients.

Instant messaging has long since proved itself to be the most convenient tool for business communication. No more wandering between offices to find co-workers, no more hunting through phone books and piles of name cards for a landline number, and no more afternoons wasted waiting for an urgent response to an email. An IM client takes away these frustrations and opens direct channels of communication to everyone important to your business. Most messaging applications, however, are not designed with the workplace in mind. Cluttered with blinking messages and entertainment gateways, a poorly-chosen IM platform can result in hours of lost productivity as workers find themselves distracted by non-work-related content throughout the day. Use of internet chat clients can account for 30-40% of lost employee hours as staff attention drifts to communication with family and friends. Dubu Messenger delivers an ideal solution. With a private comms network that backs on to a full communications suite including webmail and cloudware applications, the full functionality of Dubu Messenger exceeds that of classic IM clients while avoiding the pitfalls of public, advertising-based services. Access your communications channels whether you’re in the office or outside, and tweak your system with custom banners, scheduled broadcasts, and contact management from your administration page. Transfer and store large files in the clouds, sharing them instantly with multiple colleagues online – and use the power of modern communications to get the work done faster, smarter, and better.


Manipulate documents, images, audio-video content, and even flash files right from within your webmail client, and pass on the results in real time.

Beyond the Limit

Traditional webmail breaks free at last with Dubu Mail, an advanced software interface plugged directly into the clouds. With unparalleled feature enhancements and full intercompatibility with all Dubu Suite applications, Dubu Mail provides a cutting-edge service to fulfill the needs of modern enterprises and institutions. Dubu Mail, with the extended functionality of Dubu Messenger, Dubu Disk, and with Dubu Editor built in, is a full communications environment allowing users to co-operate online in ways that dispose of traditional limits on productivity, creativity, and ingenuity. What’s more, after the initial set-up, you can log-in to the service securely without having to roll out fresh installations across your own system – and you’ll always have access to the last versions, functions, and features automatically.

New Functions, Familiar Interface

Webmail is a must-have service for many hosting companies and medium-sized businesses, but without the resources to develop your own service, most firms have little choice apart from the clunky, open-source and public offerings commonly available. Fortunately, our webmail application can provide you with strong features and administrative facilities not available in most other software. With its classic, instinctive design, Dubu Mail can be used by anyone familiar with standard computing environments without any training necessary. It’s so easy that our clients regularly use the unique functions of our software as if it’s second nature to them, almost forgetting that they’re one-of-a-kind webmail enhancements. We like our end-users to wonder why other mail applications aren’t as robust and useful as we’ve made Dubu Mail, and wonder how they managed to cope with less feature-rich interfaces before our product made everything so easy. Your end-users and site administrators can use our API to control and monitor the system as if it were their own.Our corporate identity can be made completely invisible, with only your logos and messages appearing system-wide. We can even direct payments for augmented services straight to your account, brokering sales without ever touching your transactions, so the money stays with you. Dubu Mail is designed for professionals, with a clear, businesslike aesthetic that provides all the functions you need without distraction or excess. We aim to provide everything necessary for communication in the modern information age.

More Byte for your Buck

No more waiting for oversized attachments to download. No more sending documents back and forth while you wait for updates and alterations. No more waiting to get back to the office before you can participate in important exchanges of information online. With Dubu Mail, for the first time, you’ll be taking your networking right where it belongs – into the cloud. Manipulate documents, images, audio-video content, and even flash files right from within your webmail client, and pass on the results in real time. With an attachment limit that can reach 20 Gb through remote file hosting on Dubu Disk, you’ll have nothing to worry about with the normal constraints of email.

Dubu Mail at a Glance

  • Complete Email Interface
  • Customizable Login Screen with Support for Multiple Languages
  • Disclaimers and Signatures Set Server-side, Customized to User Type and Including User-defined Parameters (such as name, phone, etc)
  • Web-based Address Book, Calendar, and Notepad
  • Multiple Email Composition Tabs
  • Multiple Aliased Recipients to a Single Address
  • Group Email Address/Alias Creation
  • Optional Automatic Registration to Webmail Service through Another Application (e.g. site membership)
  • Rich HTML Email Editor
  • Inline Attachment and File Storage
  • Attach Huge Files from Local Disk or Dubu Disk Cloud Drive
  • Smarter Searching with Familiar User Interface
  • Easy to Send Folders as Attachments
  • Analysis of Email Recipient Behavior Available


Dubu SNS allows users to share and interact using posts, attachments, and media files. It may be used for professional purposes, as its a more immediate medium with a streamlined interface that allows for instant and spontaneous collaboration; it may also be used for social purposes, such as sharing pictures from company events, asking for a ride home, or even planning an informal outing with your colleagues.


Dubu Disk-i:Allows you to move and store files of virtually unlimited number and size Dubu Disk-e: Store, access and manage photos and files on Dubu’s online storage solution

Making Sense of the Cloud

By far the most game-changing innovation of our day, cloud-based file management has become the touchstone of efficient networking collaboration in the workplace. With the capacity for shared online file storage and manipulation by multiple users, delays caused by inefficient file management, different versions of the same files, systems breakdowns, and information loss are fast becoming a thing of the past. Ikorn Solutions’ Dubu Disk provides all the best features of standard cloudware applications as well as full functional integration with Dubu Suite, extending its capabilities and providing greater opportunities to collaborate beyond normal restraints. What’s more, Dubu Disk’s generous capacities allow you to move and store files of virtually unlimited number and size. Supporting a broad range of file types and built-in editing functions for various categories of document and multimedia file, Dubu Disk is one of the preferred and most efficient tools for working with online data. As a cloud system as well as a file storage service for companies, using Dubu Disk can also reduce the hardware costs in your workplace.

Intelligent Handling

More than just a storage facility, Dubu Disk is a multi-purpose file handler that allows users to alter, improve, and touch up documents, photos, sounds, video files, and flash files – all while they’re still in storage in the cloud. Building on this functionality, integration with Ikorn’s instant messaging and mail applications extends the capacity of Dubu Disk to share and co-operate seamlessly on joint tasks. With Dubu Disk, users are not only freed from the limitations of local storage; they can keep their files within reach at all times.

Dubu Disk at a Glance

  • Flash/HTML Client-side Interface
  • File Sharing a Core Feature with Strong Permission Management
  • Protected by SSL Security
  • Generous File Size Limits
  • Instinctive, Uncomplicated GUI Design


Information at a glance, and a wealth of detail up close – a one-stop information solution telling all about your websites’ function.


Create, alter, and reshape files stored on the cloud. An instinctive choice for use in creative website tools.

A True Online Application

As business needs evolve, so does software – and that’s exactly how our flagship product Dubu Editor became as powerful as it is today. Starting out as a simple online platform-independent WYSIWYG rich text editor, the application has gone on to achieve full integration with our communications suite – as a core function of the Dubu Mail product – and has also expanded in functionality to handle multiple file types, including audio & video, flash files, and images. Dubu Editor is an instinctive choice for use in creative website tools, such as mail editors, blogs, site generators, and other authoring applications. It doesn’t need to be downloaded, installed, or run off your server – just a short passage of JavaScript is enough to enable and customize your own editor – even under your own branding.

Manage Your Online Content

Dubu Editor is a true management tool, allowing you to create, alter, and reshape files stored on the cloud. It’s adaptable for working with web content and serving as a reliable standalone application embedded into your own website. Whether as a component of our comms suite, or as a solution to a particular file handling need, Dubu Editor provides breakthrough maneuverability online while still delivering all standard editor functions.

Dubu Editor at a Glance

  • Editor functions easily enabled or disabled according to your needs
  • Advanced text wrapping functions extend capacity of standard HTML
  • Easy handling for tables with color templates – rare features in similar software products
  • Image editing including cropping, resizing, rotating, framing, drawing tools, stickers, text overlays, filters, brightness/contrast/saturation, and more
  • Image editing tools can be applied to selected areas only
  • Create slideshows with fully customizable layout
  • Flash panel with key authoring functions
  • Supports multiple editors on a single page, each with their own default functions and appearances
  • Many skins available, while new skins can be designed to order
  • Bundled flash/audio/video player
  • Youtube-style video conversion capabilities, supporting most common formats
  • End-user playlist creation
  • Distinct user modes – Admin, User, Anonymous
  • Manage lifespan of uploaded file
Development Languages: Java, HTML/CSS/JS


  • Platform: Web
  • Framework: Spring MVC
  • Database: MySQL, NoSQL (Mongo)
  • Protocol: HTTP