Affiliated Partners

Ikorn Solutions is actively seeking local and global partners to accelerate our vision to connect and coordinate the multiple faces of industry. Our communications tools offer multiple pathways to seek greater cooperative relationships with like-minded businesses.
With its brand power and industry prestige, Ikorn Solutions is proud of our association with the trusted business platforms of our major partners. The company remains on track toward strong development and building the confidence of many new clients.
Starting from a commitment to respect and wholeheartedly serve the interests of customers, we are continuously improving the quality of our security and product standards, delivering optimal solutions for all projects. Corp

Starting with No.1 Life Information Service in 2007, Co, has grown to become an O2O business specialist company including overseas subsidiaries as of 2017. As O2O professional services, has developed and operated NATE Local Service, Cyworld Local Information, Empas Local Information, CBS Local Information, Joongang Daily Local Information, etc. and recently seeking to enter international market by developing overseas local platform.

Mirae IKorn Co., Ltd

Mirae Ikorn Co. Ltd, is an established Internet business services leader in the Korean market. The company is growing a unified platform of Internet services by constantly expanding into newer markets. From ecommerce, CRM, and website building tools to the localized market services, and growing mobile platform, Ikorn remains dedicated to providing SMEs with the easiest and most centralized Internet services and tools available.

Yeolliziline Co., Ltd

Currently generating and organizing accelerator programs

Lemont Co., Ltd

Business Development Services Platform

I-NOS, Co., Ltd

Providing platform to create the content and advertisement strategies for online and mobile program.

We-Min, Co., Ltd

An online advertising company that is proud of professional consulting. We, E-Business Consulting/ Web, are aiming to become a bridgehead that can connect the network of the people of the world by providing Internet service based on Internet Business Agency Service. Mobile Builder Solution/ On-Line We are striving to provide the best service to the customers based on many years of know-how accumulated in company’s business

External Partners

Hyundai MOBIS (short for Mobile and System) founded in 1977 as Hyundai Precision & Industries Corporation. In 2000, the company changed its name to Hyundai MOBIS and has been an automotive parts manufacturer that achieves continuous development. Hyundai MOBIS is continuously working towards the future through challenges and innovations to rise up to be a leading automotive parts supplier in the world.
By offering top-quality products, technologies and services, Hyundai MOBIS strengthened its position in the automotive parts industry to become the sixth largest global automotive parts suppliers in 2015 as well as takes the lead in changing global market and leads the automotive technology innovation for a better future.
In preparation for the rapid technological development of this smart automobile (driving support and autonomous driving), Hyundai MOBIS is focusing on the technological development needed to provide a stable system in which the technology for control logic is internalized and mass-production quality is secured.
The joint research and automotive control system development project between Hyundai MOBIS and IKorn Solutions
Known as one of the fast-paced technology companies of Vietnam, Ikorn Solutions have been recognized and acclaimed for constantly providing a diverse range of technology solutions to our worldwide clients. Our first research and development office opened in Ho Chi Minh City on the 5th of April 2007, sharpening our business direction in hi-tech industry.
Data Annotation Center Viet Nam (DACV) established in co-operation with Ikorn Solutions’ esteemed partner – Hyundai MOBIS in Quang Trung Software City on the 22nd of September 2017. The execution of DACV into operation has marked our marvelous venture within the automotive industry, leading innovative technology trends in future.
The scope of all projects with Hyundai MOBIS is executed and led by committed, dynamic professionals with extensive expertise in software testing and data labeling, Ikorn Solutions emphasizes on-time delivery, customized solutions and maximizes resourcefulness for partners.