CEO’s Message


Thank you for your interest in our businesses. This is my great pleasure to introduce IKorn Solutions – The leader in contemporary online trends. Officially established on the January 12th 2011 with our first research and development office set up in 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City, IKorn Solutions is a rapidly growing IT company and constantly developing high-quality products. We build software systems that are comprehensive, integrated, and customized to suit individual business needs. As a rising force in online commercial tools and unified communications platforms, we coordinate all aspects of your online presence. Currently, IKorn Solutions has been recognized as one of the top IT companies to work for in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, IKorn Solutions has been firmly obtaining our goals to leverage the high-qualified and strong experience in software industry by delivering the right technology solutions and instantly responsive services in outsourcing services, automotive industry as well as becoming the trusted partner for large-scale global firms. Our business direction at Ikorn Solutions has always remained within the hi-tech industry, so we find it very thriving to affirm our strong position in the software outsourcing market and automotive industry together with diverse, professional business by strengthening the collaboration with reputable first-tier global partners. We understand that our ambitious efforts will be acknowledged only when our customers benefit and attain success from our offered solutions. “Customer Tailored Solutions – Professionalism – Integrity – Collaboration” is the cornerstones of our value system and we steadily commit to bring more success to your enterprises and generate brighter future for all of us.