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years in Information Technology
Our journey takes us from the software outsourcing industry to the automotive industry, as well as nurturing and extending relationships with our affiliated and external partners
IT Professionals
We have still grown with a young, active team of engineers and professionals from top universities, with strong and effective experience in the software business
of clients recommend us
They always engage with us in complex, long-term projects. We would like to connect global partners to accelerate our vision and coordinate the multiple faces of industry. We do hope to seek greater cooperative relationships with like-minded businesses.

Services We Provide


Embedded Software Testing

We offer a fully-customizable spectrum of services for embedded software testing to lower the risk of errors and defects, minimizing product failures and ensuring the reliability of software.

Data Labeling

We offer the fully-customizable spectrum of services to transform raw data into high quality annotated data with proven track record and state-of-the-art software technology solutions.

Software Outsourcing

Web App Development

In these times, web applications have become ubiquitous. We offer web app development from basic to advanced, as well as professional eCommerce applications and social network services.

Desktop App Development

We supply a broad range of mobile app development services to meet client needs. Apps can help companies reach out to their customers more efficiently and effectively.

Mobile App Development

We have developed strong technical skills in providing bespoke desktop applications software to specifications required by clients in various fields and programming languages.

We offer software testing service for multiple projects. With well-developed QC processes and methodology, we unlock all challenges in time and cost efficiency.
Integrating with Tailored Dedicated Team Service for mid- and long-term engagements, we proudly support our clients with the most highly-qualified and competent personnel.
Our creative capacity always meets the most exacting demands with our various design package offerings including multiple features and high cost efficiency.


  • Delivering the right technology solutions
  • Providing instantly responsive, secured services
  • Becoming the trusted partner for large-scale global firms
  • Generating a dynamic, open and compact environment
  • Developing highly-qualified human resources to fulfill diverse customer needs
  • Affirming Ikorn Solutions’ concrete position in the software technology market
  • Expanding and strengthening collaboration with trusted global partners


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  • Strategic Software Partner
  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Price & Quality Equilibrium
  • IT & Innovative Thought Leadership
  • Security Environment
  • Exceptionally recruited professionals


  • Our data annotation project is extremely important. Accurate raw data is required in the development of automobility in vehicles to protect the life and safety of drivers and human passengers, so the discoveries and improvements that will be made here in this building will eventually be seen in tools that will make driving safer and more enjoyable for our customers.
    Mr. SEO GOO, CHO
    Director, DAS Parts R&D Centre, HYUNDAI MOBIS
  • From the commencement of our data annotation project, Ikorn Solutions conducted itself as a highly professional service provider. We appreciate Ikorn’s proactive approach and high technological competency to implement our required specifications, as well as its strong experience in the automotive industry, especially in data labeling and embedded software testing. We deeply appreciate the responsible and thorough approach of their development team, as well as their executive management. They have delivered cutting-edge solutions to sharpen innovative ideas and developments following rigid specifications and in-depth communications about intended propositions. In establishing our cooperation and mutual understanding, we can absolutely recommend Ikorn Solutions as a highly-qualified technology partner. We look forward to collaborating in potential diverse projects in terms of utmost success and achievement for both of us and our global customers.
    CTO (Head-MTCI)/ Managing Director, HYUNDAI MOBIS
  • Partnering with Ikorn Solutions has enhanced our capacity to develop flexibile and competent Internet services at Yescall.com. We have worked together on a diverse range of major projects. The highly-skilled engineer teams from Ikorn have always provided us with prompt response and services. They have proved to be a reliable, professional business and technology partner and continuously demonstrate a consistent quality of work, as well as a sense of professionalism cemented within it strategic development vision.
    Mr. Kyungil, Ko
    COO, Yescalldotcom, Inc.
  • We would like to take the opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude to Ikorn Solutions for its professional software technology solutions. By integrating our major projects with stable, fully-integrated packages, we have been continually satisfied with their quality of service and customer-tailored approach, as well as continuing to expand our mutually beneficial cooperation.
    Mr. Deukhwa, Yoo
    CEO, Mirae Ikorn Co. LTD


When you have your own RFP
Step 1
Clients send us Request for Proposal
Step 2
By our Specialists to setup stringent process and success metrics
Let us know when you have a need
Step 1
Demand Received
Once you have a need,
we can support you promptly
Step 2
Workflow Definition
By our Specialists to setup stringent process and success metrics
Step 3
NDA Signing
For confidentiality assurance, we both sign a non-disclosure ag
Step 4
Dedicated Team Allocation
Personnel Training and Incentives with in-house or customer-specific platforms
Step 5
Project Compilation
Solutions Integration and budgeting agreement
Step 6
Contracting & Execution
Official project manipulation for both engaged parties
Step 7
Optimization & Scalation
For quality and productivity management

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